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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Love Languages: What's Yours?

There are some things I only do once a year like make cinnamon rolls, fudge, biscotti, and special Christmas cookies that are my absolute favorites.  I only do these once a year because that's what makes them special.  Making them, I learn something every year about myself and life.  Here's what I've learned recently.

1.  If  I make biscotti, I will eat it.  I will definitely give some away but I'm gonna eat it.  Period.
2.  Ditto fudge, cinnamon rolls, and cookies.
3.  I am really making these things because I enjoy them and love giving them away in hopes that others will feel the love.
4.  It is FUN. I enjoy every single minute. 
5.  It allows me to be creative and play.  Heavy on the play.
6.  It brings me joy.  It's just one  way for me to give unconditionally.
7.  There is something magical about roll dough.  It is soft and satiny as a baby and smells just as good. 
8.  Cinnamon, sugar, flour, melted butter and the smell of rolls cooking says love like nothing else can.
9.  Cleaning up the above is a pain in the butt but worth every second.
10. Cooking is one of my love languages. 

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