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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


From year to year, there are lots of things I forget but I'd forgotten for a second how seriously snoopy my kids get at this time of year.  Since one lives out of town, he's off the hook currently--until he hits town--and then he's just as guilty.  As Christmas gets closer, they start scoping out presents.  Whose is whose, what it sounds like when shaken, such that I used to try to address their gifts to other people to throw them off.  I'm brain just can't handle that much chaos anymore without a computer printout, and that brings me nicely to online snooping.

Oh, yeah, baby.....they do that, too.  They'll take a stroll through your recent emails to see if the sender might be from someone or for something you've ordered that was on their list.  They think I don't know this but I do.  My best hiding places for wrapped or unwrapped gifts have all been plundered since they were teens....having any surprises takes lots of effort and ingenuity and this year, I'm fresh out of both.  We used to hide the wrapped gifts in the top of my closet until the boys not only found them, they thoroughly investigated (unwrapped) several.  I've been known to hide some at Mary's so I'm no novice.  With two of them on the hunt, I'm just outnumbered here.

I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, though, and one I just wrapped for Brian has been thoroughly booby trapped.  If he does anything other than just gaze at it, I'm gonna know.  I'm not telling how.... if I do he'll read it here and figure out a way in.  He also just called wanting to talk to "Ms. Claus" and find out how much cash he had to shop with, and what on his list it was to cover.  Puuuulease....if I answer that, dude, you know exactly what I've already gotten you!!  Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

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