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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Somebody's 4!!

Round two of the chalupa caper is in the slow cooker for a small baby boy to take back to Nash. After nine hours in the car, you just need something to roll up in a tortilla or dump over Fritos, when you get home and unpack.  They don't leave for another day or two but to taste the best, chalupas need time to make friends with all the ingredients and laze around for a bit.  Hence the do ahead.  Also, since I originally cooked half a pig, this was the easy version.  Dump, heat, season, taste, adjust, etc.

Today is Avery's (The Smalls) birthday (big # 4) so her mom invited me to come to her party at KidArt, after lunch.  All of her sweet little friends were sitting at kid sized tables doing art projects, quiet as little mice.  Man....what a difference girl children make.  A quiet birthday party with everyone seated?  Never had seen it before and almost burned my eyeballs off to know it was even possible.  Boys are always leaping, yelling, running, so this was a brave new world for me.  That's Hudson and a friend in the background and even they were quiet.  Holy moly.     
What a relief to have all the Christmas gear down and stowed for another year.  I don't know about you but when I'm over it I'm really over it.  Every year, down it all comes the day after Christmas and I sigh a huge sigh of relief adios. 

Last but not least, on Christmas morning the phone rang and it was Senora Maria calling to wish us Feliz Navidad.  She had her family there with her and wanted us to know she was thinking of us. It was a gift to hear her voice and I assured her we were thinking of them as well.  They are such a cool family and neat people and I miss her, but know her hands are just too full with her son who is ill.  Sometimes that's just how life is. 
Happy Saturday to all and now it's nap time.

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