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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Still Shopping?

Attention last minute shoppers.  I'm getting ready to save your bacon so listen up.  If you want to find the coolest gifts ever, for all ages, and would rather poke your eye out than head for a Mall--any mall--go to Whole Earth Provisions.  I was in there yesterday playing and almost lost my ever lovin' mind.  They have everything from Uggs to toys and loads of gear (literally) in between.  But it was my inner five year old that twerked off.  (No, not like Miley.)

I had heard from a friend that she buys a Christmas toy every year for her family to all PLAY with and scream over.  Yes, they are all grown ups but who cares...we like toys too so off I went to the one in Preston Forest.  I got so overwhelmed I asked one of the sales dudes to tell me which ones were the most fun and most popular.  Suffice it to say I should never be allowed in a toy store.  I wanted to sit down and play with all of the stuff...and did I mention their stuffed animals and hand puppets?  And the science stuff??  I wanted ALL of it.  Welcome to my inner child. 

Let's just say it's a very good thing the train whistles were wrapped in cellophane.  Some people simply cannot control themselves. 

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