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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ready or Not... it's almost here

Nothing profound or even reasonably wise to say today, this last day of 2013.  I will say nothing takes the zing out of getting home after ten days away like arriving in Nash to find you and 3,000 other residents are without power.  Such was last night for Benji and Andrea but after lighting candles and getting all settled in, on came the lights, "and to all a good night".  OK...enough of Christmas.  It's almost the new year.

In my sleep or just as I was becoming conscious this morning, I saw in my head where that other piece of glass goes, in the refrigerator.  My mind is just like that.  If I give it time and just chill, it will usually tell me where things are that I've lost or give me solutions for things I can't figure out.

It was almost like a snap shot in my head with that glass. You couldn't see where the glass went, once the drawers went back in.  Wellllll, dee duh.  Take the drawers out and look.... and bingo.  Now all is back in place and I'm feeling pretty damn on top of things, let me just tell ya.  In fact, I'm even thinking of doing some yard work so maybe I just need to chill a minute and wait for that idea to pass.

As Sis snores loudly below me in her bed all burrito-ed up in quilts and fluffy white duvet, I'm reminded of all the (non material) gifts I've been given, all the love shared, and an old black hound dog girl who still delights and brings me joy every day. good does it get???

Here's to 2014!                                            

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