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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

'Tis the Season

In my annual 'Tis the Season post, I thought I'd  post a list of ideas and suggestions to keep in mind for the next two weeks.  Some folks may get overly marinated in family so here are some of my ideas.

1.  For any family visits/activities, take two cars.  That way if one of you needs to bolt, you can.
2.  BEFORE going to any functions with family, PLAN YOUR ESCAPE, should you need to.
3.  Determine a code word that means "I'm the hell out of here".  Do not tell little kids or they will blab.
4.  Get plenty of rest and quiet.  Take your kids to the park and let them run until they are ragged.
5.  Treat family members as if they were new acquaintances. It helps tremendously when you'd like to murder them.
6.  Don't over share, over drink, over anything.
7.  Mind your manners even if you are related.  Being kind doesn't mean be a doormat.  It just means be nice.
8.  Laugh a lot.  And then laugh some more.
9.  Nobody likes a martyr so go when you've hit your limit.  You're not gonna get a medal so just GO.
10. Get outside in nature and take a walk, go to White Rock Lake, walk your dog (borrow one if necessary), or call a trusted friend and share family stories.  *See # 8.
11.  Remember Christmas is just one day and it happens every year.  Limit your expectations or better still, don't have any. 
12.  And finally, it could always be worse.  Your last name could be Kardashian.

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