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Monday, December 30, 2013

Well, crud

As luck would have it, I'm having a little afternoon snafu--of the refrigerator kind.  In my zest to clean out the refrigerator this morning after Benji and Andrea hit the road, I took a big old piece of glass out of somewhere and now I can't figure out where it goes.  Shuuuuudup.  There was a several hour lag of time from when I started to when I actually finished so hence the confusion.  There were actually two pieces I took out to clean and no, it's not as plain as the nose on my just goes....someplace.....somewhere I have yet to determine, that's all. hell....I don't know.  One was obvious....the other one not so much.

Now my refrigerator gets a lot of action anyway but the holidays pushed that gal to the edge, so it's no wonder I'm trying to help her with her parts.  Getting them clean anyway.  I'll keep monkeying around and see what I come up with or give the job to you know who.  He can usually figure out stuff like that but then, he doesn't do much with the refrig other than stand there with the door open.

I have a big old pot of vegetable soup I just made for dinner.  After all that food over the holidays (and I didn't even go crazy at all this year) I just want a clear soup without any MEAT.  No dairy, no meat.  Nada.  The cookbook I'm using is one of my winter favorites because the gals who wrote it are hilarious.  They have a whole page of ideas of what you can do with old, stale bread (the good stuff--not Wonder Bread) and the very first line says "Put a crouton in anything and it's guaranteed a kid will eat it".  Then they proceed to tell you how to make them and they are a mean little son of a gun to throw on soup, salad, or simply throw straight on your mouth.  Shooowee.  Some things are just worth the carbs.


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