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Monday, December 2, 2013

Dog Spanx?

Poor Sis.  I just invited her to go on a walk with me and she was all for it that is until I put her pink harness on backwards and she looked like she was wearing dog Spanx.  The little chest belt clippie was too tight and the neck part bulged,.  She looked at me like it like "why can you not get this thing on right......Daddy can".  Oh, gimme a break, Sis. 

I finally got it on correctly, off we went, and less than a quarter of the way down the next block, she bailed.  That's the deal with her now.  One screw up, she gets in a mood, and she's done.  Me?  I brought her back home, took it off and will head back out shortly, ALONE, to enjoy this gorgeous day.  Forget you, Sis.

Now in other news, I went to check in on mom and made a supply run for toothpaste, perfume, and body creme.  I changed her perfume since it is winter, and the one she had been wearing was more a summer smell.  Hey....she may be in a nursing facility but you need to roll with the seasons or life gets too dull.  For the foreseeable future she'll be rockin' Chanel Allure, for her winter scent.  It's an old favorite and one I could find without having to go to NorthPark.  God forbid. 

She told her Hospice lady I was her "baby" no less than three times, as I stood there laughing, so she still knows who I am.  She was just back from getting her hair done and it looked lovely, and will, till after her nap.  By then, it will be all bent up and bed head will take over.  Such is life.

Headed out now to drop off her supplies and come right back.  Too gorgeous to waste this day inside.

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