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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Ask Sherwin Williams"

Lots going on and it almost feels like Wednesday already.  Mom's room and bathroom repainting, and other repairs begin tomorrow and they'll move her and a minimum of her things out tonight after dinner.  I told her to pretend like she's going to camp and she laughed.  I had gotten an email from the Nurse Manager alerting me to the planned move and mom's TV's move.  They know it would be a total deal breaker for her without her TV and that made me howl.  We were laughing about it yesterday afternoon and how if mom's watching her movies, you might as well just come back later.  This will certainly be interesting.

 Late yesterday afternoon I ran to pick a paint color, so I wouldn't hold them up.  After all this, if they ask me to do a little something like that, you better know I'm gonna getter dun'.  I had to pick from a certain brand-Sherwin Williams-- because that's the brand they use facility wide.  I think what I chose will be pretty but told my siblings if they think it's fugly,  not to tell me.  They are to just act like they think its purrrfect
I do not pretend to be an interior designer so to get over it if they hate it.  What I wanted was a pale soft blue--not baby blue--but something serene and restful.  Soothing.  Mostly, I just want fresh and clean.  The carpet cleaning will come last, and I'm hoping to burn the '80's "track home" window treatment I had them take down that was worse than ugly, what ever that might be.  Not sure there's even a word for it.  (Sorry for the page weirdness above--I tried to post the color for you to see, but think with the green background, you can't see it and I can't fix it.)

 There was a murder on our block last night.  In fact, it occurred in our very own backyard.  Yep....there's one less baby opossum today and I heard it go down.  Sis tracked it, found it, and there was one thrilled, delighted "yeep" from her, as she chomped it. She was on her way in the house with it to show her dad, when he caught her on the ramp to her doggie door.  Barf.

It occurred to me today that it might be a good idea to write a book about how to choose a facility for aging parents and especially for parents with dementia issues.  There are so many things to consider, and so many angles, what do you all think?  The market may be flooded with them.  I've haven't even looked.  Your thoughts??  Tell me what you think and don't be shy. ya'll have ever been shy.  :)

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