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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nutty buddies

What is it that makes April bring out all the crazies?  Is it the delayed effect of Daylight Savings?  The change in seasons?  Off their meds?  What...what...what...because I'm ready for all of them to crawl back into their holes and pull the dirt in over them.  Enuf with the bombs, Ricin dusted letters, etc.  Just get some help, you wackadoodles. 

OK.  I feel much better.  Now, here's what's shakin'.  Yesterday I took my neighbor's advice and purchased two bags of azalea dirt for my gardenia bushes and spread one bag around each plant.  Given yesterday's muggy atmosphere, I was dripping afterwards but am hoping this top dressing will spur the girls on vs deciding to die on me.  Azaleas and gardenias are both acid lovers so this is supposed to give them the right ph in order to go forth and prosper.  If not, see ya.  I'm over you, gardenias.

The ducks were back last weekend and almost caused a couple of wrecks.  Somehow a drake and a hen waddling in a front yard of a neighborhood is just not what most people expect, flying past in their car.  One lady took the time to pull over and just stop and enjoy watching them.  All I could think of was "Good for you, lady!" for taking the time to give herself that gift.  Yesterday I spotted two hawks flying above Northwest Highway soaring on the gusts of wind.  I have not seen the one who used to hang around our alley lately and I hope he or she comes back.  They are so fun to watch and I love when they panic the crows.  I hate crows.

For those not in the know, we had a dead opossum in the backyard yesterday that was a total gross out, from my perspective.  I don't think Sis got it--I think it was the poison bait boxes Luis had just baited that got it. If Sis had killed it she would have wanted me to "come see her kill".  She's a hound after all and a killing machine when she gets the chance.  I managed to sneak out and dispose of it while she napped. I'm totally over opossums, rats, and racoons and our hood is full of them.  Nasty.

I've decided to punt on buying the fresh chicken eggs from that super nice guy, Mark.  I think I underestimated the time and gas involved in driving over to his house way out yonder, when they have organic ones at Whole Foods.  Not exactly the same but a time and gas saver none the less.  My hair dresser laughed his skinny white pants off to think that I'd be that dumb.  I am just gonna QUIT telling him stuff. 

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