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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Staying positive is work

Jeeze, Louise....I'm all for taking the month of April off next year's calendar.  After the last few days, that might be a fairly good idea.  We could have two March's or maybe just rename April. Either way there is just something wrong with what seems to happen in April. 

That said, here is a list of good things:

1. The ducks were back yesterday and were looking fat and happy.
2.  Good people continue to rise to any occasion where others are in need.
3.  Carter Blood Center had to turn people away yesterday when they hit capacity. 
4.  Last nights rain cooled us off and watered our yards free of charge.
5.  I saw one of my niece's (Daley) last night at Tom Thumb!!
6.  There's a brownie pan you can buy that makes every brownie a corner and I'm soooo going to buy myself that today.
7.  Andrea's mom and dad are coming Saturday night for dinner and I can't wait to see them!
8.  Mom has a new hospital bed that actually works. :)
9.  Flowers are popping out all over in the neighborhood.  Ditto blooming trees.
10. Won't be long until it's summer which means Farmers Market tomatoes, peaches, a slower pace, vacations, and hopefully a safer and more chill world.
11.  God's in charge so we can all relax and know He's got us, and our back.
12.  It's almost the weekend.  Hang on. You're almost there.

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