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Thursday, April 25, 2013

La Biblioteca de Senor Bush

Though I am interested in seeing the newly opened Bush Library, I concur with Barbara--we don't need another Bush in the White House.  Been there, done that x 2. We are going to see the Library next month so that will be interesting and we've done the drive by scope out already. While I won't say I think it's very attractive, I guess a library doesn't have to be.   More on that later.

I have a new idea for the backyard and I've got to see if I can sell it to my partner.  I want to move this ginormous viburnum out from where it is, to a place I'm going to clear for it where it can get the sun it needs.  It makes these ultra cool snowball flowering things in the spring and so far, I think I've seen a whopping three because the old gal just isn't getting the right amount of sun.  Enter my plan.  The problem is, I want to move it now--I have total ants in my pants--which means she'd have to make it through a hot summer with a boat load of sun.  I take the view on this kind of stuff that it will either make it or not, and if you've got a sprinkler head giving you water and me giving you an umbrella for shade, well, honey...I can't do much more than that for you.  It's your turn.

I'm going to see if my assistant will help me transplant it on Saturday.  (If he's reading this, he's probably already shaking his head "NO", but he'll come around.)The plant pisses him off, too, so whatcha gonna do?  You gotta do know you do.  Here's what it would look like next spring with blooms and it even smells good, too.  Time to just do it.

I'm almost ready to take my little kitchen raised basil seedlings outside and introduce them to the great outdoors.  My only hold up is the cool weather.  After all the seed raising, it would be just my luck to plant them outside and have them die.  I'm going to sit tight another week and see what the weather looks like.

Time for me to go gather up the towels and plop Sister in the sink for a bath.  I told her I'd do it before her dad got home and if she sees me get the towels, she's going to run hide under the bed.   But I have a secret weapon.  Cheese.  She's simply no match for cheese.  Any kind of cheese and she's a goner.'re sooo easy.

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