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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday in da hood

Phase one is complete.  We have moved one whole whopping bush and decided after visiting with our neighbor who is a landscape designer, we'd a whole lot rather hire her crew to do the rest, while we drink ice tea and watch.  Yeah...we're those people now.  Gone are the days when we want to spend all weekend digging holes and ripping things out of the ground, sweating and cussing.  No way.  I'd much rather chase Claire around on the driveway or play with her on our front steps.  My neighbor also mentioned a product to put on all of the transplants that's like crack for plants.  It's a root stimulator called Thrive and she swears by it.  You can find it at Home D so add that to your bag of tricks.  I'll be picking some up today.  Her crew will be back next weekend to do the transplanting for us and I can't wait.

Claire has turned in to a member of the Hitler Youth, now that she's two.  Her latest thing is, she wants to boss her dog, Buddy, into sitting or doing something on our steps.  Not exactly sure what that is, but she seems to be crystal clear about it.  Buddy is as confused as I am and just stares at her when she tries to pull him by his collar.  She yells " 'Mon, Buddy" over and over, and her tone is as bossy as only a two year old little girl can be.  When he won't c'mon, she yells.  Kids are just the funniest things ever and frustrated ones are even better.

This morning, windows are thrown wide open, Sis is in the den napping and resting after all the patrolling she did earlier.  She got a bath  yesterday so she's one sleek manatee, as Moo called her.  Sis chased ardillas all afternoon yesterday--that's squirrels in Spanish--so she really needed a bath.  Claire's teaching me new Spanglish vocabulary words so stay tuned.

 I've forgotten the one for rabbit or bunny but the little cotton tail  is back and Bruce got a pic of him this morning.  It's not a great one for visibility but then he doesn't exactly pose either.   You can barely see him by the chunk of stone in Mary's side yard.  He's the brown blob and you can see his eye and barely make out his ears.

Here are my little three seedlings now attempting life outside with the bigger basil plant.  I have my fingers crossed for them. They are all watered in with fertilizer mixed into the soil, so now it's their turn.  Show me whatcha got, seedlings.

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