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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reality sucks sometimes's the drill on yesterday and my visit to look at yet another Memory Care unit for mom.  Seems the prices are all pretty much the same, ditto the clients and staff and surroundings, plus or minus.  Hold on for a second while I bang my head some more.  On any given day, the sad news is they're all pretty interchangeable.  Given that, I think what I will do is give myself a vacation from my perfectionism and just try to deal with life as it comes.  Let's face it...hyper vigilance doesn't look good on me at all and tends to make me one unhappy camper. I will continue to observe and see what I can change and get realistic about what I simply cannot, and pray for the wisdom to know the difference.  Yeah.... the Serenity Prayer.

My confusion stemmed from a goof made on the tour which greatly influenced my decision in the beginning.  Once corrected, I was again comparing apples and apples--not apples and beef tenderloin.  Just a tad bit of difference there.  I'm not saying we won't move her--I'm just not saying we will, either.  I'm just going to see if and what God tells me to do.

On a much lighter note, my gal pal Claire was outside yesterday with her baby brother so I went over to play for a little bit.  She calls me "Mommy" because she can't quite say my name and knows that somehow I am a Mommy.  It cracks me up and melts me into a giant puddle when she runs to me with her arms out to be picked up, saying Mommy.  If she ever figures out just how powerful she is when she does that we might have to move.  I pushed her on the swing, she slid down the slide while I clapped like a crazy old lady, and then she'd take a brief timeout to munch goldfish and juice at her little table with the shade umbrella. 

Last but not least, I am still laughing over a martini talking Reese Witherspoon telling the L A cop who arrested her husband (and then her) "You're about to find OUT who I AM".  Girl friend...No. You. Didn't.  You did not throw that card.  That was definitely too many martini's talking. 

Looking real glam here, Reece.

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