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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's Tuesday--all day

Rather than discuss yesterday's horror--and it was a horror--I decided to concentrate on the positive and good things happening in the world, no matter how small.  First up, mom's broken hospital bed is supposedly getting replaced today for one that actually works.  I'm learning over and over again that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and when you catch the Administration in a huge gaffe, it's the perfect time to really "squeak". 

Next up was a visit from my favorite neighbor last night when she came over to play on our front porch.  What is it about the energy of a two year old that gets your blood pumping and your heart cranked wide open?  LOVE just starts spewing everywhere and you can't stop laughing.  Enter Claire.

  Claire and her dad were out front while her mom and baby brother got dinner ready so the natural place to explore was our yard.  I can't quite explain the force field that surrounds our yard and porch exude but suffice it to say, it pulls in kids like a magnet.  Claire wanted to come inside and see our house so inside she and her dad came....her wish was my command.  Luckily, Sis was on a walk with her dad because Claire knows Buddy, her own dog, but she's not 100% sure she likes Sis, though she knows Sis is a "Buddy" (dog).  We are working on both Sis and Claire to like each other and that may take years, if ever.  Since Claire is learning new words at warp speed, neither her dad nor I have a hot clue what she's saying most of the time so we just look at each other and shrug, and then laugh.

When dinner was ready, Laura and baby John came looking for Claire and John and, of course, by now we were outside again on our driveway, so Claire could see Mary's flowers and pick a few to take home.  Finally, we all linked up so I got some baby John love, too.  Seeing Claire bend over in her little dress and leggings to smell the flowers just sent me into orbit.  Even her dad was laughing.  She. is. a. pistol.

I finished the Rooster book and while I liked it, I hated all the backing and forthing a la flashbacks.  The story was essentially good--it just seemed to really drag in parts.  Just tell me about the damn Rooster, not all the other yakety yak.  The part in the beginning about his dog was sensational, though, and I cried.  Not saying why.  Just take my word for it.  Weep city.

 Now I'm on to a fabulous book, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene' Brown, who you may have seen on the TED videos.  She is brilliant, funny, authentic, honest--I could go on and on-- so I plan to read everything she's written.  She's more Self Help but, honey, after yesterday, I think we could all use more help.

OK...onward and upward and make today really count.  HAVE FUN!!

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