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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Brian's visitor

Holy Cow.  You know how I blogged about the Administrator at the Plaza and how I went over his head to his boss?  Guess who's no longer employed there and it wasn't even because of me.  His boss didn't get my email until yesterday (I left something out of her email address) and his last day was Thursday!!!   She and I have been in contact back and forth and she requested a wish list of things I'd like done for mom's room and I scorched cyberspace shooting it to her.  Soooo... it wasn't just me who was having a problem with him.  Just about the time I think God's on vacation, He steps in and takes care of several issues at once.  Man, He's good, isn't He?

 It seems my oldest son has a new "friend" who likes to sleep on his porch.  He was telling me about this cat and how he'd put an old blanket outside for him to snuggle in when it's been cold.  Brian wondered if we had an old kitty crate he could take the top off of to make him a real bed but alas, those are all history.  I did have a big box that I lined with a soft, folded towel (mattress) that he could then put the blue blanket on top of,  for a real bed.  Brian's comment with the text of this picture was "Wellll...that didn't take long."  I told Brian "I think you've been adopted" and sent him home with two cans of cat food I keep on my shelf for just such kitty emergencies.

Mary, my elderly next door neighbor, now has a job.  She's a volunteer at the Bush Library one day a week and says she simply loves it.  She can read to the children, answer visitors questions, visit with people and welcome them, and do whatever else is within her stamina range.  She's not an actual docent, since she can't stand that long, but what a great idea.  She's also taking a trip for three days with all of her children and their spouses to North Carolina--no grandchildren--to just kick back, visit, and have fun.  She's funding the whole shebang and Bruce said he could tell she was really excited about it.  You go, MARY!! 

The badminton net has gone up in the yard across the street so it's clearly "on" for upcoming fun.  I might  volunteer our yard if it gets too hot in theirs with the full on sun.  They do have a fabulous pool so I doubt I'll need to.  They can play, get sweaty, and run down their driveway (or shortcut through the house) and jump in their pool.  What's not to love??  Nah....their not going to need our yard. 

To wrap up, I had a call yesterday from Benji from Fargo, ND and I don't know what it is about him that makes me laugh so hard, but he just does.  He had a specific story to tell me and while I listened, I walked around Preston Center East before I had to be at an appointment.  They were having a sidewalk sale and an SPCA dog thing.  While I can't go into detail about the story--oh, lordy I wish I could--  I will say I finally had to sit down, I was laughing so hard.  My sons....the best gifts I've ever received. 

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