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Sunday, April 7, 2013

C & E omg

You know how sometimes something happens at just the right time when you most need it?  Yesterday was that day.  I'd ordered some pj's over the internet and they finally arrived but that's not what I'm talking about exactly.  First, there was this enormous box on the front porch....I'm talking big.  Brian was here and saw me bringing it in and said "What is that?" and I told him pj's.  As usual, he assumed I was lying.  Sure mom...pj's in a box that big.  Right. We both started laughing.  He couldn't wait to see what it really was.  I opened the shipping box, and my pj's are no where in sight .  There were folded sheets of brown paper--several dead trees worth--totally covering the next box.  Finally we found it and out comes a gorgeous purple/blue Crabtree and Evelyn box, double wrapped in their signature matching grograin ribbon, with Crabtree and Evelyn spelled out in white, and tied in a perfect bow, up in the left hand area of the box.  I swooned.  Brian looked at me like "Whaaaat", thinking this cannot possibly be pj's, so what in the hell is it?

I took out the beautiful box, placed it on the counter and just stared at it.  Brian looked at me and said "This is pj's???", but I was off in my own little world and didn't even answer.  Slowly, I untied the perfect bow, hating that it was going to mess up the total impact of the box, but wanting to see the pj's.  Off came the lid....and I swooned again, only longer this time.  Inside, the box was lined with beautiful paper and the tissue paper was sealed with a Crabtree and Evelyn seal, and that familiar Crabtree smell wafted up.  Now, I'm almost comatose.  I broke open the seal, pulled back the tissue paper, and lifted out the pj's only to see that they'd been resting on a bed of perfectly folded sheets of tissue paper--zillions of them-- all packed tightly together like a bed, to cushion the pj's. 

The presentation was so gorgeous, so splendid, so over the top spectacular, that I almost cried.  I haven't opened anything that special or that moving in a long, long time, if ever.   I'm going to call them on Monday to thank them.  Never, ever, did I need a lift like that, than on Saturday.  The pj's?  They didn't fit but who cares....I just want to place another order.

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