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Friday, April 26, 2013

Here she is

This morning I decided it was time for you all to meet my new gal pal and since I was able to snap her yesterday, the timing just seemed right.  She was all smiles until I wanted to snap her and when her nanny said "Cheese", she went all stoic on me.  Never the less, here she is, all whopping two feet of her clutching her milk and snacks.  Hang on a second...I'm having technical diff. Heeeere she is...she's even cuter than this when she's all smiley.

Boy, could we hear the fireworks last night at the finale of the Bush Library celebration.  Yowser.  If you live really close to SMU, I can only imagine how loud it must have been at your house but, truthfully, I enjoyed it.  I love fireworks as long as they are just that and not something of a revenge nature, like what went down in Boston.  I'm so grateful that all of the security around all of the visiting Presidents, First ladies, and everyone else was successful and the security folks are definitely to be commended.

Lastly, I put someone on blast yesterday and, honestly, it felt good.  It's the Administrator over at the Plaza and after dealing with him, I'd just as soon play with a cooler full of live rattlesnakes.  So, I went over his head straight to his boss, and let it rip.  I copied my sister and she howled.  I wasn't nasty--just honest, direct, and with my gloves OFF.  I hate to go there but I'm learning I can say what ever I need to say as long as I'm not mean when I say it. 

Happy weekend to all.  And look at that pic again...tell me you didn't just melt.  Ya know you did.

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