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Saturday, April 13, 2013

UP Library

Just back from lunch and a cruise around Preston Center East.  Neither my partner nor I had been inside the new UP library so that was our post lunch activity.  To say that it's cool is an understatement. Shooo weee...  I love me some library and all those books about sent me into orbit.  Fred kept trying to tell me "we're in UP schools--not UP--so we can't be members" to which I told him to "just go ask".  Mr. No quickly found out from the gal at the desk that "if you are in the school district you qualify-- you just have to show your DL to prove where you live, and then we can give you a card".  Oh, baby.  I was so busy grabbing books I must have looked like a shop lifter.  I now have my card and my quick scan do-hickey on my keys.  Heck...I can even self check my own books.  (I watched a little girl do her's.) 

Touring around, the library is really top notch.  Hands down, both of our favorite spot was the glass enclosed room at the back with the gas fireplace where you could snuggle in and disappear.  Seriously, if you wanted to go off the grid, that would be the ideal place to do it.  Plug ins for all your charging devices, food down the street,  peaceful and quiet.  Who in the world would ever find you there?  Answer:  Not even the UP Police.

The study areas were quiet and comfortable with computers everywhere and because the library is on the top floor, the view is lovely.  There are lots of comfy chairs, too, which I also think is always a crowd pleaser.  I know where I'll be hanging out this summer and what a fun discovery.  Coming home, we walked though and critiqued a house that's being built down the block.  Four words came to mind: what. were. they. thinking?  Ugleeeee and weird, and that's about all I need to say since that's not nice...factual.... but not nice.

I briefly considered going over and rolling mom outside for some fresh air before her nap until Fred reminded me that  the last time we did that, she hated it.  Seemed she was cold and hated the wind.  Ohhhhh, I punted that idea.  Sometimes I have to be reminded that what I might like or think would be great, might be pure deee torture for someone else.  Specifically, a wind hater.

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