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Monday, April 22, 2013

They're baaaack

In the wake of last week's awwfulmess--no, that's not a word but to me it is--my brain is still in shock.  When I woke up this morning, I still had that low grade feeling of anxiety like "what can possibly happen today" and then I let that feeling go all the way though and then pass.  Feeling all of my feeling is important even when I don't want to.  Otherwise, they'll just crop up later.  Word to the wise: just go ahead and deal with them the first time.

There's been lots of animal activity on our block this past weekend.  Mr. and Mrs. Duck have been back.  They were out front yesterday evening when my niece, Dit, came by to pick up cowboy boots to give a friend.  We stood and watched them for awhile and I told her how the Mallard stands guard while the hen eats and he always lets her eat first.  My kind of guy. Not sure why the ducks like to come on the weekends but they do.  Then Fred spied a small cotton tail bunny Saturday morning across the street munching breakfast at the Mean lady's house.  The hawks have been out in force flying over Northwest Highway and my latest count is three at one time.  I have yet to see the bunny that lives one street over but I'm hoping he'll be back soon.

I am going with my gut and investigating somewhere other than the Plaza for mom to end her days.  No, I don't want to move her at this point but I also don't want to leave her where she is either.  I'm just sick and tired of the filth, the construction, the lack of response to repairs, and the lack of caring of the Administrator in general.  If you are thinking of placing or helping your parents choose somewhere, look elsewhere.  It may look all fancy and Park Cities, but what you get is anything but, and I most especially do not recommend the Memory Care unit.  Assisted Living is simply OK.  Edgemere is barely coasting on what's left of it's earlier reputation and even that's almost shot.  Stay tuned.  We'll see what shakes out.

Now, let's all go out and make today excellent.

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  1. I didn't know that about ducks! How gentlemanly of him. :)

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed you find a great place for your mom asap.

    Big hugs to you and Bruce.