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Tuesday, April 9, 2013's Tuesday, ya'll

Sis and I have been laying low from the weekend.  Funny how a visual image can derail you but it sure did for me with mom.  Now, it's onward and upward gently, and going forward I plan to call over to mom's unit and find out what kind of day she's having, before I go.  I'm learning.

Thank you to all of you who have been so kind and supportive when I blog about mom.  Some of you have been there or are there, and sharing your stories with me some how makes it easier for me.  I guess it's the shared load theory.  It also has made me so grateful.  Grateful for your wonderful friendships, indescribable kindness, and knowing other people have been where I am.  I know that intellectually--but heart knowledge is different.  You all soooo get it and while that's a comfort to me--I hate the hell out of it for all of us.  Crappy club to be a member of but whatcha gonna do?

I finally found a pair of new frames so in a week or so, I'll be sporting new face jewelry, as one of my pals calls them.   They are the nerd look I was going for with a little color.  No, I don't look like Diane Sawyer in mine--wish, wish, wish,--but I like them, they're NEW, and I'm happy.  When I went online to find a picture of them, I found pictures of  lots of stars wearing the same brand that I got, even though they were shades.  Whoa.  My cool quotient might have eeeked up a whole point. (head shake)


I just saw on the internet where a lady claims she was raised by monkeys.  I didn't read the story.  My first thought was " parents weren't perfect but I wouldn't say there were monkeys".'s just always somethin'.

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