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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ying and Yang

 Sis and chew bones.  There is no greater ying and yang.  Total love, total anxiety.  Sis scored one this morning when she heard her dad filling up the sugar holder with Stevia.  Sis thinks that sack sounds just like the bone sack, and you cannot convince her otherwise.  She will moan and groan until you give her a bone,
so it's just easier to go ahead and do it.  She will take it gently  from you and disappear to her bed in total rapture (ying) until she's down to one of the knots at the end of the bone.  And that's when the trouble starts (yang).

Right now, she's yanging and I'm about to take the damn thing away from her.  I remember when Wigman got this same way.  He carried his bone around the house, tried to hide it mewling the entire time, then took it outside to the backyard, buried it, dug it back up, and would bring it back in the house, all muddy.  Sis has just made her second trip up and back down the hall, with the remains of her bone hanging out of her mouth like a cigar, still hunting the perfect hiding place.  She's in 100% anxiety (yang) mode.

What I don't get is this: she is a solo dog so does she think I'm going to take it and chew it?  I'm sure it's just an ancestral thing but over the ages, with more and more animal evolution, I was hoping maybe we'd skip this part.  Clearly not.

I just walked in the den to check on her bone hiding progress and she had abandoned her bone knot on the rug by the den door....omg...what is that?  I picked it up and she came flying.  I think maybe her jaws are tired from all that chewing.  I put it back on her bed and she jumped on it.  We are back to ying.

Happy beautiful day to all!  Enjoy it!!

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