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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Blackberry Farm

Yesterday afternoon I carved out some time to do something 1) I wanted to do and 2) already knew could possibly have disastrous results.  I made a lemon chess pie.  I had a recipe from the cooking show where the Vermont guy wears the bow tie--America's Test Kitchen--and it was easier than the one in their cookbook.   (Not sure what that's about.)  Anywho, this one only had 5 or 6 ingredients total so I decided to confront my previous pie making paranoia and give it a shot. I'd made one other chess pie and it was so wretched I fed it to the trash.  Do that few times and you'll be ready to hang up your cup towel, too.  Oh, the angst and shame of dumping an entire pie in the trash.  It is just unnerving.

Now, for full disclosure I did use a frozen pie crust.  That cuts the risk factors dramatically and in the interest of eating a piece after dinner, that's the only way this was going to happen.  No time for a scratch crust this time.  Dang....I was surprised.  It was pretty good!  I may adjust and play with it a little further but at least I now know I CAN make at least one.  Woo hooo!!

I'm all about trying to face my fears these days and pie making has always made my eyes roll.  Think  wild animal and that's me...afraid it would just be a gloppy mess.  Epic failure.  You get it.  I've finally decided so what if it is...ditch it, re-read, figure out what went wrong, and do it again.  Or, honey... pick another recipe.

This morning my sister and I are going to a program on Blackberry Farm.  It's on my bucket list and I know after she see's this it's going to be on hers.  We are having lunch afterwards with a bunch of friends we both know so that will make it even better.  In view on the ongoing slippage of mom, I'm trying really hard to grab fun and joy where I can find it.

Want to go??

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