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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Loooove this boy!!!

It has begun.  The yearly mosquito onslaught and battle for protection.  I got my first two bites last night on our walk with Sis.  Never mind the standing water at our curb that both us and our neighbors have pointed out to the City of Dallas.  They are not concerned because "it's not at least two inches deep".  Sooooo, let the West Nile fight begin.  We can spend a part of every day out there sweeping the standing water towards the sewer (while being feasted upon) or we can just let it go, and hope bug spray works.  The lady who monitors us for the City said she'd put those little anti mosquito donuts in the curb water and we just rolled our eyes.  Knock yourself out, lady.   I can remember when the worst thing I had to deal with all summer was stepping in dog doo bare foot.  My, haven't things changed.

On another note, this was on my FB page yesterday and speaks to the sheer thrill of the last day of school.
Hudson and three of his pals.  Gotta love it.

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