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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Teenage Rat

You know I'm hurting for something to discuss when I talk about my new little friend, a teenage rat.  He's been around for a couple of weeks despite my call to our pest control people to come re-bait our rodent boxes with a more satisfying (and permanent) bait but, alas, he's still kicking.

I know he's a teenager because you can tell from his body and I had this confirmed by our pest control guy.  Apparently the older rats send out the teenagers to check out the hood before coming out themselves.  If the teens don't come back, well, there ya go.  This teen is dumb as they come.  He comes out in broad daylight, skitters across the planter next to the window in the front yard, and has run across the driveway patio x 2.  Last night, we spotted him running up the tree in our neighbors back yard.  NOOOOO!!!

Enough already!  I know it's the same one because he 1) looks like an adolescent 2) is still so stupid 3) well, because I just do.  Do not even try to suggest that there could be more than one of him.  I am still trying to hang on to my denial.  Don't blow it for me. If I don't find his pitiful dead carcass by Monday, the pest people will be hearing from me again.

On another note, my plans and prep for the 4th are in full swing.  My bunting is up though someone had to adjust it last night because it was sagging.  That's just disrespectful to have a saggy.  Not sure what flavor of ice cream will be on the agenda, but you know there will be one.  The traditional one has always been Mexican Chocolate but change is good so any suggestions, comment with them here. 
Just makes you want a spoon, doesn't it?

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