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Friday, June 28, 2013

Dit and Jay


Today is going to be bittersweet.  My niece, Dit, and her hubs, Jaybird, are having a goodbye celebration this afternoon in preparation for their move to New Orleans this weekend.  These two are about the cutest pair ever and have been the best aunt and uncle for the Smalls (Hudson, Hadley, Avery) that anyone could ask for.  While we will all miss them like crazy, I figure NOLA is just a short South West flight away and and and a great excuse to go visit.  Starting a new married life away from home is a gift and everyone should be that lucky.  Family is wonderful-- and cementing your relationship without distraction-- is even better.  Bring on the craw fish and dirty rice!

I will always have a little piece of Dit here at my house--or at least for a good while longer.  You see, Sis was named after Dit.  I'm serious.  Dit used to be known as "Blister Sister"--among a thousand other nicknames-- and I just shortened it to Sister, although the blister part does apply to that black old hound dog in the bed underneath me.

I've always felt like The Ditter Bird was part mine since I don't have any girls.  She is a smart, capable, hands on kind of gal that would make any momma proud.  Mole, her mom, has always shared her with me so what's not to love?  

Now for Jay.  OMG.  Sweetest thing in a pair of pants and the perfect fit for Dit.  Smart, funny, with a depth and ability to write that makes me love him even more.  He's an attorney but mark my words: he will be a famous author someday.   He is everything you'd want for your niece and more, and his family is just as precious.  'Nuf said or I'm going to get all boo-hooey.  I can't wait to hear all the funnies that unfold with their new lives in NOLA.  I am already laughing in anticipation.  This is gonna be a hoot!!!

 Let's get this partay started!!

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