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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fox 4...NOT

Today I'm a little befuddled.  I got an email from the Plaza yesterday saying some entertainer was going to be there today and Fox 4 would be filming it.  As a result, if you wanted your love one present, you'd need to sign a release form since your family member could wind up on TV.  Luckily, there was a deadline to return your signed consent form--yesterday by 2pm--and I WAY over shot that, thank goodness.  I don't know all of the specifics--all I do know is that I'd rather be dipped in pig snot than have my mother on TV.  I don't care if ELVIS is there to entertain.  Good Lord.

I sure hope they prep some of those camera people and especially the entertainer because he or she is about to get an eye full and not in a good way.  Mom would kill me if I let her be seen on TV and I can't blame her.  I'd kill me, too.  I realize I'm a little bit raw around the edges were death and dying is concerned.  It's just that some of those little oldsters over there have become special to me....I feel very protective of some of them.  Especially Mr. B.  I won't give his name but he's the one that yells God damn it sometimes.  I've watched him slide over the last two years and it's heart breaking.  I used to see him out with his daughter for lunch at Corner Bakery but he can't do that any more.  Mrs. B, the one who always asks whats going on.  And A, mom's klepto next door neighbor.   As my brother would say "the class of 2013 is fading fast".  I concur so maybe that's why any thought of them being on TV just fries me right now.  I want them to be given the dignity and privacy they deserve.  Granted your loved one doesn't have to be on TV.  I get that.

 I simply feel Fox 4 should go film in the Independent Living area where most (but certainly not all) residents still have their wits about them.  Not in Memory Care.  That's just not anything people need to see.  So there.  Take that, Fox 4. 

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