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Saturday, June 15, 2013

OOO, la la....look who's back!

Ohhhh, happy day.....look who is back in production.  One of the gardenia gals is healthier than her sister so she's put out three blooms so far, with a couple more getting ready to pop open in a few days.  Her sicker sister has net zero but considering I was about to dig them both up, I am thrilled.  Now I just have to nurse these two until I can get them back where they were when I bought them.  I may have to pow-pow with my neighbor again on whether to re-dose them with more soil acidifier to make them happier.  The sicker one has some little yellow leaves so it could be time to re-dose.  Jeeze, louise....there's a veritable ICU on the east side of our house.

My grandmother, Mimi, (mom's mom) used to have several gardenia bushes at her lake house that exploded with blooms every June. That is until the deer started munching them.  Good, Lord...deer will eat anything.  They are kind of like goats.  Mimi had a little fence put up but after a while she just 1) got too old to care 2) would have rather gone fishing than sweat it so the deer eventually won.  Once she died, Bruce and I would pilfer blooms from a lady's house on our walk to the clubhouse.  She was never there so I didn't feel too bad and I justified it by telling myself better me than the deer.  I would literally fill mom's house so that when you opened any door to come inside, a blast of frosty cold gardenia smelling air is what hit you.  Pure dee luxury.  For hot, sticky, east Texas, it was a little slice of heaven.

I just called to get mom's weight and got "crazy Fazy" on the phone.  She's the Nigerian weekend RN who hasn't got a lick of sense.  Last month she tried to tell me mom was "eating great and had gained 23 pounds in a month" when that was the previous year's (2012) weight.  This time she says mom has gained 4.2 pounds and while that could be correct --fluid accumulation ?--I'm doubting it.  Poor Fazy....she could tell me it was hot outside and I wouldn't believe her.  Mom cannot have gained 4.2 pounds not eating, unless it's fluid.  Or the scale is off.  I may just quit asking.  Does it really matter?  Heck no.

FYI: do not watch/rent Identity Theft (movie).  It is lousy--just not funny at all even though it has Melissa McCarthy in it.  We lasted a whooping 10-15 minutes last night before we gave it the hook.  I was hoping for great belly laughs and it just wasn't there.  I love her, so I'm not giving up.  It's hard to be funny with crummy lines.  Next movie, please.  Helloooooo, Denzel.

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