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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gazpacho time

It's hot and sticky and that can only mean one thing--time to make some gazpacho.  If you happen to have fresh tomatoes from Mr. Lemley at the Farmer's Market, you are all set.  (Get the ugly ones for gazpacho.  They're going to get chopped up anyway.)  I made a batch Sunday and the end result was three quart sized containers.  We are already down to one. 

We didn't even try it until Monday night because it just gets better then longer it stays refrigerated and you need to give it time to do it's thang.  I did not add all the garlic the Barefoot Contessa's recipe called for simply because I had a feeling it could get....overwhelming.  I also improvised in a few other areas as well.  I added a seeded jalapeno and was planning to add cilantro, but forgot.  I basically used her recipe as a guide and did my own thing. She adds two red onions but I went with one yellow one and I'm sure glad I did. The point of gazpacho is NOT to clear a room the minute you exhale.   

 Mine's got a nice tart kick to it and I like it.  Apparently, so does someone else around here so that's good.  Cold summer soups are just hard to beat.  Good cheese, good crackers, and a cup of  spicy cold soup and honey, that's lunch or dinner around here.  Throw in a glass of wine if that's how you roll and you have lift off in my book.   

On a more somber note, RIP James Gandolfini.  Nobody was a better mobster and could scare me silly with just a look.   Admit it....he scared you crazy, too.  He scared everybody.

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