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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sharing? No way

Sharing.  It gets a lot of hype but I don't like it.  Nobody I currently live with knows how to do it anyway so for me it's just an exercise in frustration.  Sis doesn't.  Put her in bed with you and you are going to wind up falling off the bed to get away from her hot, dog, self.  Not the wiener part--the heat.  That girl is heaven when it's 12 degrees outside but the rest of the time, no thanks.  You have to be half frozen for her to get an invite and even then when she stretches out, you're still hugging the edge of the bed.
 I don't want to share her food or water so we're good there but try sitting in a chair with her and you're just nooooot gonna like it.  She hogs.  Period.  She didn't even share with the elderly gentleman, Wiggles.  She pushed his old bones out of bed on more than one occasion and made him get in the smaller bed so she could s-t-r-e-t-c-h out.  She never shared her toys either.  They were always just ALL HERS.  Ditto bones.  Wiggles finally gave up and so did I.  When you don't have enough teeth left to really chew a bone, I'm not going to the mat for you.

As for the guy I live with, he doesn't share.  He's clueless and for heaven sake-- never-- and I mean NEVER share french fries with this man.  YOU will not get any.  Order your own no matter what line of crap he's trying to sell you.  He eats them by the handful and swallows his food without chewing.  I've seen him down a burger in four bites and head straight for the fries.  Ditto dessert.  He claims it's from growing up with brothers and that snarfing is just part of the guy thing.  Fine.  Whatever.  Just order your own....everything.

As for me, sharing stinks because somebody on my team (me) always eats slower, sees the logic in sharing, but has learned the hard way there's really no such thing as sharing.  Not with my people anyway.  It's all a big fat hoax.  And I'm not playing.

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