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Monday, June 24, 2013


Whoa.  What a weekend.  It began with a Meat-Capade at a co-worker of Bruce's house Saturday and ended early this morning with an ambulance across the street, and Bruce with unrelated to the party, food poisoning.  (That's generally what happens when you gamble on questionable lunch meat, Harris.  You lose and lose BIG.)  But back to the Meat-Capade for a minute.  Think a giant smoker/grill, towed by a truck and parked in the hosts driveway puffing away, with every known meat imaginable.  A misting fan to attempt to keep the cook from melting, and if you were brave enough to put on a swimsuit, a luscious swimming pool in which to cool off.  All of it was fabulous and the salads were as good as any I've ever had.  Read food hangover, post party, but wayyyy fun.

Still not sure what happened across the street at the Mean Lady's house this morning with the ambulance, but she's been up and out already so it couldn't have been too big a deal.  She's weirder than weird so we may never really know.  I will say it added little to the ambiance at 3:45 AM.

But on a much happier note, look who is home and cuter than cute!!  Eyes open. 
Eyes closed.
Cutest baby girl ever!!  I've named her M3 because Mary Margaret Michelson is sort of a mouthful for such a tee tiny young lady.  Deeeelish!

** Pictures courtesy of her very proud and oh, so in love, Aunt Daley. 

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