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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vrrroom, vroom....

We are heading for Nash on Monday for a visit with Andrea and Benji and let me just say the clock is ticking w-a-y too slow for this gal.  I'm ready to roll.  I'm ready to play.  We are going at the beginning of the week because that's when Benji's schedule is the most flexible.  Weekends he is usually on the road so that explains that.  We are seeing Rascal Flats while we are there so that will be extra fun.

Andrea's mom and dad were in town briefly this week so Thursday nite we met them for dinner at Hook, Line and Sinker--the place on McKinney with all the outboard motors on the fence.  I can't look at that place and not laugh. It's just so sweet tea and fried everything.  Yes, you can have your fish grilled, but really...why would ya?  This is TEXAS.  We fry everything.
 Andrea's mom and dad were good and had their trout grilled, but I knew he wanted one of my hush puppies when he asked how they were....  As I handed him one he broke into a big old grin.  If  I hadn't already snarfed the others I'd have shared more.  They are truly two of my most favorite people and who knew we could ever be that lucky.  Friends and family.  Man o' man.

I'll have lots of scoopage from Benji on Scarletta's travel schedule this summer and all the fun places they are going later in the week.  Marianne, Andrea's mom, always knows the latest and greatest about where they are headed next, but then she has a daughterIt's been my experience that son's don't relay a lot of information to you--that's just not what Y chromosomes do--so oddly enough, that's really OK for me.  That's all I've ever known so it's just comfortable somehow.  From what I heard Thursday night, Spain and Italy are on the list and perhaps the Middle East.  I think these are Military bases so that makes me feel a little bit better about the Middle East.  Not great--just better.

As my other half mows the front yard, Sis is patrolling and happy as a pig in mud.   Once that black suit of her's heats up, she'll be at the back door wanting in.  Since it's nice and shady in our yard, that may not be for a while.  She'll hang outside until she's inches from a heat stroke.  The lure of the alley is just more than she can stand.  Too many smells to investigate. 

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