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Friday, June 14, 2013


Someone I know told me last week she's been invited to take the place of her friend's husband on a cruise to Mexico.  Here's the catch: it's on the Carnival Ship Triumph.  Yeah....the floating toilet that had to be towed back into port after everything went berserk after a fire.  Yes, it's been cleaned but seriously....would you go?  I'm honestly not sure I would.  OK...I know I wouldn't.  I think it would just freak me out, knowing what I saw on TV, and the grunge factor.  I just don't think they could clean it up enough for me. 

Yes, they are going to tell you it's clean dumb are you anyway?  I'm just not buying that.  There is no way to accurately assess the scuzz factor.  You don't know what they did to clean that thing but you do know they cut every dollar corner imaginable.  After hearing that raw sewage was running down the walls, and toilets were backed up all over that ship, I say sink the damn thing.  Ain't NO WAY I'm getting on that floating toilet.  Nuh, uh.  My friend was all " It won't happen again" and I was screaming laughing.  You're damn right it won't happen again because I won't be on it.  See ya.  Let me know how it goes.  May the force be with you.  Adios.

Which brings me, somehow, to Southwest Airlines.  Now, I don't care what anybody says, give me Southwest Airlines any old day.  I love it because everybody already knows the drill, and that's why they fly it.  It's the cheapo no frills freight hauler in the sky that gets you there on time, and because you've dragged your bag on board, they can't lose it--unlike American Airlines.  You already know you are going to get peanuts and/or pretzels.  That's it.  You want something else, bring it on with you.  This isn't some flying restaurant and " No, we don't have Ranch dressing." (family joke)

Everyone already knows to get on fast, stow your stuff ASAP, and sit your butt down so we can push back from the gate and GO.  No diddling.  No waiting to get into your carry on until you board, blocking the aisle, because you might need your face mister.  If you've got a problem, get off and catch the next flight 'cause we ain't waitin' on high maintenance little ole you.  If you're the type that needs to fly wrapped in cashmere and in first class, honey, this is not your airline. We gotta go so shut up, and buckle up.  It's so simple.  I like that. 

SW Airlines personnel also have a sense of humor vs that pinched look you get on other carriers.  Flying back Wednesday, one of our crew chided the entire plane.  She asked people on the right side of the plane to raise their window shade, and look out.  She commented "You see all that luggage? Somebody over packed.  Once we get all that stuff loaded, we'll be on our way".  I snorted....for once, it wasn't me. 

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