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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Best Day of the YEAR!

Since today is the last day of school, I am pretending and remembering what fun that was.  Field Day, snow cones, ribbons, popcorn, and best of all turning your books back in to your teacher.  Remember how they used to collect fines if you marked up your book or tore a page?  I was always afraid something would happen and I'd have to come back the next day.  Everyone else would be out for summer except me...  Yikes, I was a spooky little kid.

I can still hear the drone of those standing fans back before we had AC.  Those things would just about put you to sleep in the heat...with your arm all sweaty and stuck to your desk.  All they did was stir that hot humid air but I guess if you were already sweaty, that helped a little.  And lockers.  Remember how we had to go clean those out?  I always ended up with about 50 coats and sweaters to take home the last day when it was at least 200 degrees. 

Having that whole summer stretched out ahead of you was just bliss....bare feet, playing outside until dark, reading, swimming, and no home work.  Summer trips, maybe camp....just so much to look forward to.  I hope the little kids today get to fiddle around like we did and just be kids vs having to do something or be somewhere every day.  I think it's important for all kids to just let their brains jell a little.  And piddle some.... life in the summer is meant to be at half throttle...or no throttle....until you know what you want to do next.  Staring up at the clouds and imagining, is important work.   So is eating Popsicles, riding your bike, and pestering your siblings.  Man...those were the days...

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