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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This and that

Noises.  Do they drive you nuts?  Maybe I still have my "mom ears" but noises drive me crazy.  I don't have the tune out ability of the males around my household.  Right now, the fan (?) on my computer seems to be about to head south and the sound of it, over and over, is like being water just won't stop.  Yes, I've cut it off, nudged it, and blown air into the back of it in case it was just dusty, but this is getting to be MUCH.  Since the whole shebang is older than Sis, maybe it's just in the throes of death.  Let's hope so because the noise is soooo irritating.  I may pull a Lizzie Borden here soon.

Yesterday I received a text of Avery singing along with Taylor Swift "We are never, ever, ever, ever, getting back together" and not only does she know all the words but her facial expressions are beyond funny.  I watched it twice just to take it all in.  Her dad filmed her while she was lying on the bed next to her mom, and it's for sure Rehearsal Dinner footage for the future.  Off key warbling and noises I don't think Miss Swift makes--almost a growling at one point--assures me that just when I don't think life can get much more hilarious, it does.  Her performance is every bit as disabling as watching Hudson and Hadley, around the same age, dance and sing Beyonce's "Put a Ring on it", booty shake and all.  If I hadn't been sitting down to watch them, I'd have fallen down for sure.  Kids.  They are what life's all about.

Now, on to the news:  Well done, Angelina Jolie. Boobs are never worth dying over, so good for you, gal, to lop those babies off prophylactically.  Implants look just fine and, honey, that was a courageous thing you did to save your own life.  Boobs do not define who you are.  They are highly over rated and do not stack up against living life to the fullest--especially with six kids.  I hope you yanked your ovaries, too, since the article I read said you were also at higher risk for ovarian cancer.  And kudos to Brad for being there all the way. Sounds like you two are the real deal.  Yay for you both! 

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