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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday....

Yesterday was just a total wipe out.  Between my niece's Med school graduation and reading Mark Wood's self penned obit, I am just emotioned out .  Cue the Lion King music.  "It's the Circle of Life"..'' .......all together now....

 Yesterday afternoon after Graduation,  Dr. Frostie texted me one final picture: that of her baby "titter", Brooksie, modeling Austin's hood from graduation.   The icing on the cake. Laughed my head off.  Sooo perfect.  

Then I read Mark's self penned obituary where he told about meeting the love of his life, Sara, on a blind date, and married her five months later.  So sweet.  She said in her Caring Bridge post, "I love a guy who writes his own obituary and does his best to try and get his affairs in order before leaving me".
  When he listed his surviving family members, he listed one of his son's, Jason, of  "Marfa, Alaska, and who knows where else."  You have to know Jason, Mark, and the Wood family, to really get that.  Oh, Lordy...funniest, best, family ever.  I only wish for his picture they had used the one of him in jeans and a fishing shirt holding up a bass vs him in a suit.  I'm not sure I ever saw Mark in a suit, and the fish one was just pure dee Mark--at least the Mark I knew.    

OK.....time to move on and get my chicken seasoned and my BGE all fired up and ready to smoke me some chicken.  Just seems like the right thing to do with it being a Sunday and that really has anything to do with it.  It doesn't.  I just want to.

Lastly, I heard this the other day : a brand new arrival to heaven was asked now that he was there, what he would have done differently with his time on Earth, knowing what he now knew.  The man responded "I would have spent more time loving and less time worrying".  Amen. 

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