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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Want these

After watching Zero Dark Thirty yesterday, I'm wondering how in the world people who work for the CIA can ever, ever, ever be anything close to normal human beings.  And, maybe that's just it.  They're not.  And that's why they are either recruited or hire on.  Lord, love me....I just hope I do not wake up tomorrow and have "Mr. Mertz" tell me he's been an operative for the CIA all these years. 

I've said this before here and I'll say it again.  I know a guy who was "recruited" in High School, was trained, and then, couldn't get out.  That's just a stomach churner to me.  Sure makes you wonder about the people you pass on the street everyday, doesn't it?  Scary stuff and stuff I don't need to know about if I plan to sleep at night.  I don't have the intestinal fortitude for that kind of stuff--at least I don't think I do--and I don't want to know, if I do.  I've decided I don't want to be a SEAL, either, though I did think their night vision telescopic laser goggles were beyond cool. 

Wouldn't these be fun to play with?  You know they would. 


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