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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Laid back Saturday...yawn....

Our after lunch activity included meeting a new resident of our block--a dumped, brown and white speckled male pit bull mix, that could not have been cuter or more friendly.  His adoptive mom already had a springer spaniel and she and some other neighbors had been feeding the younger pup for a little while.  She said she arrived home one night and found the pup very upset, so she herded him into her back yard and that was that.  He's been there ever since and is thrilled to have found a forever home.   According to her, he wants to do whatever she asks and to please her.  Isn't that the case with most rescues....they are so appreciative and un-entitled, unlike some dogs we know.

That brings me to a certain bad-breathed hound who is hogging the chair behind me, resting her head on the arm of the chair, paws hanging off the chair's edge.  I can tell when she's spotted a squirrel because her whole body quivers, shaking the chair.  If she's really excited, she'll raise herself up and stand with her front feet on the arm of the chair, ear flipped back a la pirate.  This may or may not include the occasional whine.  If a dog passes by, she may or may not bark, depending not whether she likes the dog.  Even dogs are choicey.

Choicey.  Possibly the funniest word I can remember from the boys childhood.  We had a housekeeper, Louise White, who once told me referring to her husband that "he don't be choicey".  I very nearly bit through my lower lip trying not to scream out laughing over that word.  I just loved it and was afraid if I laughed, she might think I was being uppity.   Since I am a word collector, I've kept it ever since, tucked away for just those occasions that warrant it.

Don't forget to fly your flag! We are safe because of them and their sacrifices.

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