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Friday, May 3, 2013


I just ran by to check out mom's room and it's blue all right.  Not bad.  Just my perfectionism kicking in full throttle.  I wish I'd have known to ask them to go 50% of the color but you never know that until it's on the wall and dry.  No sweat and no time for a test.  It's clean and fresh and that's what matters.  They will clean her carpet and move her back today or that's the plan anyway.  Her bathroom walls are now white and holy cow does it ever look better.  Case closed.

Lindsay Lohan.  Do we even need to go there?  I saw yesterday where she took 270 outfits to rehab and has now disappeared.  Anybody surprised?  Of course you aren't and the saddest part of this is, the girl needs to be in a lock down facility so she can get the help she so desperately needs, over a l-o-n-g period of time.  And even then, that's no guarantee.  Man...what a waste.

Have root stimulator, ready to mix.  Arturo will start transplanting tomorrow and I'm all set with my Thrive ready to douse all the plants he moves.  My little basil plants spent the night in the garage to stay warm and I moved them back out this morning to toast up in the sun.  Even Sis went out to lie on the warm concrete and soak up some sun.  Her dad's been out of town so her world has been upside down.  Every morning she has run to our bedroom and his bathroom just sure he's back there somewhere, and then whines when she can't find him.  Luckily, his plane should have landed by now so she'll get to see him later today.  Those two....they're a total love affair. 


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