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Monday, May 27, 2013


I am about to go cray cray....we were all set for a movie marathon on Direct TV and movie #1, Silver Linings Playbook, is currently a no show and Direct TV can't seem to tell us why, what the deal is, etc.  So, now we wait until 2pm for the next movie Zero Dark Thirty.  Yes, it's a tad bit violent but since it surrounds the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden by Seal team 6,  as he was tracked and found by a female operative, I'm all over it.  Now I just have to entertain my self while we wait.

I just saw the interview on 60 Minutes of the SEAL team member who wrote the book on this mission.  I know initially there was quite a bit of flap about him doing it, but I think it's hugely helpful for us to understand how many people it took "to put Seal team 6 in the right bedroom, of the right house, that could be anywhere in the world." This former Seal could not have been more humble and appreciative of the woman who tracked bin Laden and assured him 100%, that she knew exactly, unequivocally, where he was.  He said in the interview that after the fact and in review, she was right on in every single detail, unlike others who had claimed to know exactly where he was.  Holy a weird way, it somehow seems appropriate to be watching this movie today.

The former Seal said it took lots of people to make the mission successful--not just the person who tracked him.  The SEAL point guy who whispered bin Laden's son's name probably saved all of the SEAL's lives who were on the stairs that night, steps from bin Laden's room.  The SEAL said even after the helicopter crash gong in, which would have rattled anybody's nerves, the point guy had the intuitive smarts to guess that the guy at the top of the stairs who ducked back around the corner, was Khaleed, bin Laden's son. The SEAL knew if he could get the son to poke his head back out, they could take him out before he could nail all of them.  All of this in a split second. 

The two helicopter refuelers who that night were the best refuelers in the world, when it came to refueling in a big fat hurry, and getting them all the hell out of Pakistan.  It was their job to jump out of the helicopter, where they could be shot at any second, and fill up the chopper.   

So, in celebration of this Memorial Day I'm going to watch this movie, get the bejeepers scared out of me and be grateful to those who have kept me and mine safe.  To those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, I am certainly grateful. 


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