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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dr. Austin Dryden Dennard...oh, yeah, baby!

From this: 
And this:                                    
(Sorry but this was too funny not to include.  Nice wedgie.)

To this:                                       

To this:                                        

Then this:                          

(Go to commercial.  Waiting on pictures of  Dr. Dennard post ceremony and pirated video will not load here.)  Tick...tick...tick..

And now this:                                                

She is now officially Dr. Austin Dryden Dennard.  Tears rolling down my cheeks....Sorry...can't help it...just sooo freaking proud.  She's worked so hard and still has her Residency to do here in Dallas, but it's O-Fish-E-Al.  What a mind blower.

Side bar: while at Hockaday, one of her pals named her Austie "Frostie Flake", so while she'll hence forth be Dr. Dennard to most, she'll always be Dr. Frostie around our house.

Just so you can get a taste of who she is, here is a pic of her live in patients. Great taste in pups, no??  That's Cash on the left and Jack on the right.  Frostie says that while Cash might have longer fur and stay warmer in the winter, boy, he be soooo duuuuumb.  Jack?  Mr. Smarty all the way.  Look at can just tell.  He's all elegant and refined and...... well educated.

While I wait for a pic of her being hooded at Graduation by her best friend's dad, who is a doctor, here's what her mom just texted me.  When they call her name, and he hoods her, her name as Dr. Austin Dryden Dennard will flash up on the jumbotron for God and everybody to see!!  Well, HELL, yes!!!  No pictures or video are to be made during the ceremony but, alas...they do not know our family.  As long as it's done on the down low, from your seat without moving or disturbing any one, welllll...let's just say it's gonna 
happen...ya know it is.  I'm thinking they won't be the only one's either.  I'm sure they do photo's for you, for purchase, during the event, but that's just NOT instantaneous enough for our culture.  At least not for me anyway.

Austie's mom just texted "I wonder if they get to keep the cap and gown and hood?" and I told her I didn't know but if not, to just steal the damn thing.  After all the student loans and money that's been spent for her to get through their program, they've paid for that thing several times over. just happened.  Frostie wiped away a couple of tears as Dr. Korn hooded her, and now I am squalling all over again.  Her mom is trying to text me the video but it may be too long...all 30 seconds of it, but it is adorable.  He is talking to her the whole time and hugs the bejeepers out of her at the end.  Austie just texted that he said "Shut the front door" as she walked up to him on stage, and after hooding her, said "Welcome to the club, Colleague".  No wonder she laughed and cried. 

Yes, this post is all out of sequence but then so is real life sometimes.  I had no idea I might get the real live play by play via text, when I started this post.  Thank God for today's's almost as good as being there.

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