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Monday, May 6, 2013's Monday again??

Sis's motor is running slow this morning.  When you run and play with your dad all weekend, come Monday, you are going to be one pooped out pup and she is.  She's just now stirring, wanting to eat my lunch, and get up in the chair with me so she can look out the window.  Just about the time her BF gets home, she'll be all rested up and ready to go walking with him.  Notice I said him...I am merely an accessory when he's extra pair of hands to scratch her, someone to interpret her dog talk to him as a further attempt to get him to do what she wants him to do, which is always the same thing--to take her on a walk.  Same old, same old, that never gets old--to her.

There's a new nest in Mary's arbor that a mother Mockingbird has built.  She has a small entry way though the roses covering the arbor and if you look closely, you can sometimes see her tail feathers, depending on which way she's facing.  I'll try to snap her sitting on her nest but if she flies out of there and tries to peck me or dive bomb me, you'll just have to use your imagination. Dive bombing birds freak me out and I may take an old tennis racket out there with me just in case.  No, I won't lob her one but I will keep her away if she flies at me....and she better not.  

I got a pic of her nest but she flew off nearby and wouldn't you know, I can't seem to get it to download here.  Will keep trying.  I'm having sooo much fun right now I can hardly stand myself since I am also on hold with AT&T trying to upgrade early.  After spending an hour at their store trying to get my phone to Skype--it won't-- I'm about to pull a Brittney Spears and shave my head.
The pic still won't load so I think I'll just do one frustrating thing at a time and deal with AT&T.  Wish me luck. 

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