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Monday, May 20, 2013

Nash Town

Well....lookey little seedlings are growing at warp speed and may get plucked a little for sliced tomatoes, goat cheese, and some EVOO and balsamic vinegar tonight, with the chicken I smoked yesterday.  Not gonna lie...I love summer and easy eating.  Anything I can grow or avoid buying at Tom Thumb makes me happy.  The hard part is keeping the squirrels out of my planter.  Now that Sis's dad has had to give up shooting them, things are getting desperate.

What has happened to Calloways's nursery?  I was just there and they didn't have a single white caladium bulb--not one-- in the whole place, and what they did have was on sale 30% off.  Already.  You aren't supposed to even plant them until mid May, at the earliest, so color me late to the partay, I guess.

I spoke with Benji yesterday and it seems among other things, that Scarletta will be going back to Europe in July to play somewhere --he just had not heard back yet where.  I don't care where it is--I just want to go.  We are going to Nash to visit soon and Benji wanted to know what we wanted to do.  I told him that since I was a big Nashville TV show fan, I wanted the "Rayna James" tour.  She's the older gal who's star is fading a little but she's still one hot momma and I like her.  I want to see The Ryman Auditorium and sneak onstage so I can pretend I'm her for a second.  Benji's dad said he wanted the Juliette Barnes tour and I just BET he does--she's the young beautiful train wreck that rolls in the sack with anything with a Y chromosome--as long as it's young Y chromosome.  Sounds like I won't be the only one pretending.

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