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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The big reveal

Ahhh....the power of  Deno's shoe repair.  This is my niece Austin's doctor bag.   It belonged to her great uncle, Dr. Bob Yeager.  His father, her great, great grandfather, was also a doctor. Her mom thought it would be cool to have Dr. Bob's bag totally refurbed and given to Austin, as a new doctor.  I quite concur.  Talk about a before and after.  Whoa. 



Fab, no???   Note her initials.  Tres' chic.  The bag almost looks like a purse now.

Remember back when your pediatrician made house calls if you were really sick and you just knew, despite all your prayers, that there was a big ass needle in that bag, with your name on it and maybe more than one??  That was the stuff of childhood nightmares.  I always knew Dr. Roach did NOT have pills in there for me-- if he was coming, he was toting a harpoon full of penicillin.  And, he was. that bag's not looking so great to me after all....  I'm having penicillin flashbacks.

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