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Sunday, May 12, 2013


We enjoyed a fun dinner with our close pals last night in the backyard.  Weather was purrrrfect for eating outside and we all know that lasts for about fifteen minutes in Dallas before you are either eaten by mosquitoes, have a heat stroke, or something else equally fun happens.  Sis was her usual beggar self and worked the table like a pro.  When we first sat down, she jumped up on the banquette next to our guests, like she was part of the group.  Surprised??  Nah.   She is napping now having been up past her usual bedtime and because that's just what she does.  She naps.  It's her job.

Bruce's cinnamon ice cream was excellent and the bad news is, there's more in the freezer.  Uh, oh. I stuck a Pepperidge Farm Ginger Man cookie in the rounded scoop of  ice cream for a little pizazzzzzzz, and the crunchiness of the crisp cookie with the smooth creaminess of the ice cream sure did it for me.  Whoa. Since I forgot to take a picture of ours, this will give you the idea, minus the cookie. 
I finally got mom's weight this morning--they called yesterday but I missed them-- and it wasn't good news.  She's lost three more pounds in a month.  That said, I'm choosing not to focus on that--I refer to this behavior as "positive" denial-- and plan to go over today and see if she wants me to roll her outside for some fresh air.  She may decline as she gets cold easily and now hates the wind.  I'll wait until it hits 80+ degrees and then take her out. 

The landscape guys did a super job of transplanting and moving plants around.  Now I just have to babysit them in their new homes and keep them comfy and watered, and see if they'll survive.  If not, who cares.  They looked like hell where they were so big deal if they croak.  My gardenias have two whopping "beginner" blooms, so far, after I put on the new soil with the ph level they like, so the jury is still out on whether I can get them healthy again.  Who says I don't practice Nursing any more??

Happy Mother's Day to All!!!

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