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Friday, May 24, 2013

Car trips

One of my friend's just called.  She's stuck in the car with her husband, and is down to the last few hours of long  car trip, and she's about to cry.  They've been gone for over a week and for anyone whose been married longer than thirty minutes knows, a long car trip is just literally hell on wheels.  Even with someone you love, it can turn murderous at any moment, and it has for her.  I wasn't a lot of help because all I could do was: 1) laugh hysterically and tell her how well she was holding up 2) tell her I'd be shackled and in a prison jump suit by now 3) that perhaps it's time to play the quiet game with a bandana in his mouth.

Today I know that sometimes just driving to Preston Center three minutes away is about all I can tolerate with my partner.  Being trapped in the car is just not something I do well, especially when the person I married wants to "narrate" as he drives, fiddle with the radio, find his phone, check his phone, find his sunglasses, scan the horizon, sing, burp, yak, and tell me the latest joke they have just told on "The Ticket".  Can you say " Please shudddd upppp", 'cause I can.  The reality is, he's just doing his thing--- and the other half of that reality is, if he doesn't quit, he's going downI'm going to shoot him the death ray if he doesn't stop.  His choice.  Stop now or be fried.

That's why this was so hilarious to me...there's just such power and relief in knowing it's not just me, and if I call one of my close pals and dump my lunch, it starts to be funny.  That might be a let's just say less annoying.  By the end of the conversation we were both laughing....he's just being who he is, just like she's being who she is, and they're both probably really tired and past ready to be out of that damn car. 

Time for a nap in the back seat.  

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