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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mary update

There's nothing like an early morning visit with your neighbor to get your day going right.  Sis and I went out the back door, me with my coffee, to visit with Mary as she was trimming.  I wanted to hear all about her trip to Charleston with her kids, and Sis just wanted to sniff around.  Because it was cool, Mary invited us inside to visit and Sis wasted no time making sure she got to go in, too.  We were both a sight, me and Mary--me in my pj's and robe and Mary in her yard work clothes-- but we didn't care.  We've been through so much together that zero matters to either of us these days.  Since Mother's Day is Sunday, I think I'll make a cake this afternoon and take some over to Mary for her to enjoy.  Since mom can't really be a mom these days, Mary volunteered to be my mother for as long as I need her and for as long as she's on this side of the dirt.  Typical Mary.

As we left, I pointed out to Mary the location of her new tenant--the mother Mockingbird and her nest.  Mary was so excited and glad to know not to trim her roses around the arbor.  Further, I gave her the Rabbit Report and told her I'm not sure if they live under her garage like last year or if they just like her yard but either way, she's got as nature and animal preserve going again, like last year.  Since she's always up and outside early, she said she'd be watching for the rabbits.

I ran by yesterday to see The Smalls and the girls were hilarious.  Avery was playing hide and seek in the drapes and both girls took me upstairs to show me their room, while they jumped on the beds.  Gee, I wish I had that kind of reaction on other people.  Hud came out for a perfunctory hi and went back to watch is TV show.  He was tired and hungry after a long day at school and needed his downtime.  I can totally relate. 

And now for last night's ooops.  I bought two enormous (almost football sized) artichokes at the store Sunday and decided to cook them last night.  They were so huge I couldn't get the top on the pot in order to steam them.  The top went on--just not totally closed.  I steamed and steamed and they were still as hard a concrete so I finally pulled out my giant pot, moved everything over, and put the lid on.  All in all, I bet I cooked those things for an hour before I finally got them done.  By then, Bruce and I had moved on so they'll be on tonight's menu.  If you buy some be sure you have a pan big enough to steam them forever.  Deeelish.

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