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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dice...(head bang, head bang, head bang)

I have a genius idea.  OK...maybe just genius to me but whatever.  Why don't the food processor people invent a blade(s) that actually chop and dice?  They say the ones on the market do but we both know that's a lie.  They slice or pulverize--they do not dice.  When a true dice is called for, like yesterday, by the time I am finished, I'm a train wreck.  No, my knife skills aren't the greatest but they're OK...they get the job done.  Just not as fast as I'd like.  A machine to do it for me, in a nano second?  Price is no object.  I'm in.

I was doing the prep work yesterday for tonight's PW Chicken Pot pie.  I made the pie crust and it's in the freezer.  That's supposed to make it flakier.  It makes enough for two, so woo hoo.  I've got one for later.  I hate it when the same person (Pioneer Woman)  has two recipes for the same thing--one is an updated version--but they don't tell you that.  While you dice yourself into insanity, you finally figure out one calls for ingredients the other one does not.  And did I mention you are holding a sharp knife?  While you laugh crazily at your discovery, you decide to just do your own damn thing.  What. the. hell.

We'll see how that works out tonight.  I knew I had a busy day today hence the do ahead.  All that's left to do is thaw the pie crust for 20 minutes while I put on my cooking gear, and warm up the pot pie stuff to be pored into the crust.  I figure anytime flavors have a chance to make friends over nite in the refrigerator, that's a good thing.                                  

As for the latest on Syria, I could not be more optimistic.  Anytime we can cool our jets and back the heck off of playing "World Police", other countries have a chance to step forward, and see what they can doWaiting is an action.  It's smart.  It's not forcing a solution.  It's allowing other options to surface.  It gives God a chance to enter in. 

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