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Sunday, September 29, 2013

This and that

It's a gorgeous Fall morning, the trees are all trimmed, the logs or at least the ones we decided to keep are back on the wood pile, and all is good with the world--at least in my world.  For some others, not so much.  I found out yesterday that a friend from high school took his life and I am so sad for his family and for him.  No one knows why and may never understand why but the wreckage left behind is permanent.  I woke up at 1:30AM this morning thinking about him, his family, and saying my prayers for them all.  Suicide is never a  solution--a rather permanent fix for a sometimes temporary problem, but then...I've never been suicidal.  I don't know how that feels, so while I'm thinking rationally, a suicidal person is not.  For someone in that much emotional pain, it may be the ONLY solution.  God bless him.

Today, I have a hankering to get some of those white pumpkins...and maybe some of the blue ones for inside.  I may even go the fake-o route since there's just nothing worse than  rotted pumpkin squish.  Not sure if they have fake-o's of the cool blue ones, but I know they have the white ones.  More on that later.  Additional research is required.

The other day I realized that Sis is NOT 14, as I thought.  She's more like 11!  I did the math several times and then verified her age with the Vet's chart, and low and behold, Sis just pulled a Benjamin Button.  She really is 11.  Holy cow...lots more time to love on this old gal and for that I am grateful.  While Santos trimmed trees yesterday, Sis was plopped into our big farmhouse kitchen sink and was treated to a spa (torture) day.  I heard her yip at one point and inquired "what happened?" only to be told "she won't open her mouth so I can brush her teeth".   Uh, oh.  While I was snickering, her dad was attempting to pry apart her jaws.  That never has a happy ending for Sis but I sure get a great laugh.  Those two locked into battle is just you-tube worthy.

I'm going to try a new balsamic chicken recipe in the crock pot either today or tomorrow.  It's a recipe from a blog I read so if it's good, I'll report back and give the recipe to any who might be interested.  Gotta get my cook on!

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