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Friday, September 13, 2013

Shopping? NOOOO!

I'm in danger.  Serious danger.  In a desire to pick something up that I needed, I went to North Park.  I know.  Bad idea.  But I went anyway.  I browsed in two stores, before becoming overwhelmed with the desire to run screaming to my car.  I HATE SHOPPING.  Any kind of girl clothes shopping for me and I've got an immediate hate on.  (Except jewelry-- and even then I'll only look in two places before I'm done.)  I'd much rather let my fingers do the walking and, further, I don't want to try on all that stuff.  I think my woman card is perilously close to be yanked.                     

 I guess it's time I faced reality.  I'm not a good "gatherer".  Remember that book that said men were hunters (single focused) and women were gatherers (multi-focused)?  I simply do not want to gather stuff.  Especially stuff that's 1) tight or uncomfortable 2) hot  3) hard to put together 4) strung all over creation 5) looks like poo 6)" we're out of your size"  7) will need to be altered for me to ever wear it  8) = paid for twice.  Damn...what part of that sounds like fun? 

You want to know the worst part?   I left without getting the one thing I went to pick up, and a non-clothing item at that.   Oy, vey....

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